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The 2025 CrossFit Games: What Will the Standards Be?

In 2007, the first ever CrossFit Games were held on a dusty ranch in Aromas, CA. Competitors wore basketball shorts and Adidas sneakers. There...

Advice From the Pros: How to Maximize Your Time at the Box

Becca Voigt, Nine-time CrossFit Games Competitor On programming: I feel that a lot of people want to see huge growth and progress, and they want it...

Sam Briggs Sets Another Indoor Row Record

‘The Engine’, as she is commonly referred to has set another Concept 2 Indoor Row record, this time in the lightweight women 30-39 1000...

Fear is in the Mind: 7 tips to overcome fear at the box

As a CrossFitter, there are many things you may fear: poor results, failing a lift, letting your coach down, or embarrassment. You may be...