Damect Dominguez

Damect Dominguez
Co-founder of BoxLife Magazine. Author: Training Day: 400+ Workouts to Incorporate in Your Training.

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Improving Strength with the Westside Conjugate System

Since I became involved in the CrossFit community five years ago, the number one remark I hear from athletes around the world is, ‘I...

BoxLife Competitor’s Training 078

Base Endurance + Strength: Week 5 of 12, Monday Prep 3 Rounds 6 Overhead Squats (155/110) 500 Meter Row Strength Work Up To A Heavy 2-Rep Front Squat Strength Conditioning Clean Grip...

Dave Castro Hints Toward New Location for 2017 CrossFit Games

In April 2016, CrossFit Games General Manager Justin Bergh announced that the 2016 CrossFit Games will be the last at the Stub Hub Center. “The Games...

BoxLife Fitness Training #027

Saturday, March 3, 2018 Strength Every 2.5 Minutes for 4 Rounds 8 Push Presses* *As heavy as possible. Conditioning 400 Meter Run 10 Power Cleans (135/95) 10 Toes-to-Bar 3 Rounds

BoxLife Competitor’s Training 083

Base Endurance + Strength: Week 5 of 12, Saturday Gymnastics 9 Minute AMRAP 3 Bar Muscle-ups 50' Handstand Walk 5 Bar Muscle-ups 50' Handstand Walk 7 Bar Muscle-ups 50' Handstand Walk Continue this...