Damect Dominguez

Damect Dominguez
Co-founder of BoxLife Magazine. Author: Training Day: 400+ Workouts to Incorporate in Your Training.

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WOD SuperStore Pro Series Wrist Wraps Giveaway

This contest is now closed. WIN  A PAIR OF  WOD SUPERSTORE PRO SERIES WRIST WRAPS! We're giving away 20 pairs of WOD SuperStore Pro Series wrist...

Music & CrossFit (Additional Authors)

Jona Harder, BSc Jona is a CrossFit Level I certified occupational sport science student with a passion for all kinds of sports.  Paragliding, martial arts...

Infographic: How Do You Compare II

How do you compare to the best CrossFit athletes in the world? We analyzed the stats* of the top 10 male and female finishers in the 2014 Open. As you can see, both the men and women have improved enormously across every major stat since 2012.

9 CrossFit Gym Characters: Which one are you?

1- The Warm-Up Destroyer “Ok guys, take it nice and easy in the warm-up, no need to rush”. This isn’t the case for everyone in...

How Strong is ‘Strong’?

At the 2009 CrossFit Games, Miko Salo, the overall winner and 2009’s ‘Fittest Man on Earth’, placed 9th in the max snatch event with...