Jim Bathurst

Jim Bathurst is the founder of BeastSkills.com, an internationally popular site that provides tutorials for difficult bodyweight skills. He coaches full-time in Washington DC, where he won the award for Best Personal Trainer in 2010. When not in his home base of Balance Gym, he has been requested to numerous CrossFit boxes to give gymnastic seminars. Jim has been around the CrossFit world for years, having completed one of the original CrossFit challenges of 15 handstand push-ups on the rings. When he's not in a handstand or on rings, Jim likes to work on the Olympic lifts and squat really heavy. You can see more of his training on his Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube pages. If you'd like to request him to hold a Beast Skills gymnastics seminar at your gym, please feel free to contact him at BeastSkillsJim@gmail.com