Lauryn Lax

Lauryn Lax
Lauryn Lax, Level I Certified, is an Occupational Therapy Student and has a passion for writing and sharing ideas. She keeps a blog at and serves as a contributor for CrossFit HQ’s Media Team.

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BoxLife Competitors Training #022

Open Cycle: Week 4, Monday Prep 35 Wall Balls (20/14) 30 Kettlebell Swings (70/53) 25 Calorie Bike Strength Front Squat 4 Sets of 5 Heavy Reps* *Go by feel; Perform 1 set...

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If you love to eat Paleo but also keep a busy schedule, planning and meal prepping isn’t always an option. A few weeks ago...

Should you incorporate swimming in your CrossFit programming?

CrossFit is about ‘constantly varied, functional movements.’ Every day you step into the box, you know you’re going to see a new WOD. That’s...

2016 CrossFit Regional Events 1 & 2 Announced

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