Breaking Down the Zone Diet

The Zone Diet remains one of the most misunderstood concepts in nutrition. The best way to understand the Zone Diet is that it represents a blueprint for putting together food ingredients to generate the best possible hormonal responses to control inflammation.

The Benefits Of Box Breathing

Box breathing is a simple concentration exercise that also retrains your nervous system to breathe properly. Use this next time you feel stress or at the box during your next WOD.

Develop An Unbeatable Mind

Why is it that some athletes perform exceptionally well during training, but underperform when it matters? SealFit founder Mark Diving offers a few crucial tips to develop the mental strength and resilience of a SEAL!
Sarah Spealler_CrossFit Pregnancy_CrossFit Mom

CrossFit Training During Pregnancy

Women who CrossFit are not your average baby mamas. CrossFitters define “virtuosity”—performing the common uncommonly well, even if that “common” is pregnancy.


Wrist Mobility: Why It’s Important + 8 Exercises to Improve It

How’s your front rack position? Do you wince with pain in your wrists when the barbell forces them back, swing a kettlebell overhead, or...

The Benefits of Training with a Weight Vest

‘Body Armor’  is the original name for the now famous Memorial Day WOD, ‘MURPH’. The workout is named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, was killed...

13 CrossFit Gym Etiquette Rules You Need to Know

Certain arenas require you to behave in a respectable manner. You wear the appropriate work attire because you are a professional and you are...

6 Tips to Develop the Overhead Squat

The overhead squat (OH squat) is, for many CrossFitters—one of the most vexing movements in the CrossFit repertoire. It exposes weaknesses in flexibility, balance,...

What’s in a thruster? Plus, a few tips to do them more efficiently

If there’s one exercise that’s synonymous with CrossFit, it’s probably the thruster. Heck, the term thruster was first coined by CrossFit. Ask 4x Games...

Ankle Mobility: Why it’s important and how to improve it

When we think of mobility in CrossFit, we usually focus on our shoulders, traps, IT band, quadriceps—pretty much the entire posterior chain (which includes...

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Free Preview: Inside the Margaux Alvarez Issue

She's a 6x CrossFit Games athlete, a CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff Trainer, a former member of Team USA at the CrossFit Invitational, and a small business owner and winemaker. Find out how Margaux Alvarez stays...