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Hand Tape 101

By Dr. James Piccolino

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June 25, 2013

There’s nothing worse than not performing your best due to ripped callouses. Whether it’s a regular day at the box or a competition, here’s a simple yet effective way to protect your hands.

1. Measure and cut a strip that runs from the back of your hand to the bottom of your wrist. Remember that the tape is pre-stretched so cut it a bit shorter. Cut a smaller strip that will be wrapped around your wrist.


2. Cut 2 oval or diamond shaped holes about an inch or two from the end of the longer strip.


3.  Apply the longer strip as seen in the photo, putting the ring finger and middle finger through the holes. Keep your hand, fingers and wrist spread out and apply the tape flat with no stretch or creases until it ends by your wrist.  It is important to have clean dry hands for the tape to stick properly.


4. Apply the last strip with little or no stretch around your wrist so that it covers the previous strip.




About Dr. James Piccolino

Dr. James Piccolino is a chiropractor who works with many athletes in South Florida. he is heavily involved in the CrossFit community and has been a staple at many fitness competitions. View all posts by Dr. James Piccolino →

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