During the 2013 Post Games Press Conference, Jason Khalipa shared how CrossFit Games programming helps athletes accomplish the unthinkable. 

“Last year at Regionals, we were asked to do one-arm snatches with a 100lb dumbbell. I saw it on paper and thought, “That looks really heavy.” So I bought a 100lb dumbbell and brought it to the gym. I was with my training partner, Neal Maddox, and I just looked at it. I tried to pick it up…I couldn’t pick it up. I just thought, “WTF. This is not going to be possible.” After we fiddled around with it, I was finally able to do the workout in not a very good time. Then, it just so happens, at the Regionals, I was able to do the whole thing, unbroken for 4 rounds, like nothing. And that’s what really enlightened me. If they hadn’t put that workout out there, I would have never known I could throw 100lbs over my head like a joke—but I was so intimidated by it before going into it, that I didn’t think it was possible.”

-Jason Khalipa



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