Everyone loves a good throwback, including weightlifters. Last week, Ukrainian Olympic weightlifter Oleksiy Torokhtiy brought back the split snatch. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: A snatch from the floor, caught with one leg in front and one behind, just like a split jerk. According to Torokhtiy, 55 years ago, almost all championship weightlifting athletes were using a split snatch instead of the “squat” snatch we know today. He posted his video of a split snatch and challenged his Instagram followers to try the technique themselves and post their videos using #TorSplitSnatch.

Here’s what it looks like when a Olympic Champion tries it for the first time. Not bad huh?

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#TorSplitSnatch Challenge 55 years ago, on all championships in weightlifting almost all athletes used the Split Snatch technique. I missed those days, but decided to test my own potential. I think for someone doing this for the first time it came out rather well, so I decided to ask you to try it as well. Record videos of you doing the split snatch, post them on Instagram with #TorSplitSnatch @torokhtiy The best ones will get reposted on my page. ——— @TorWod ——— #TorSplitSnatch Challenge 55 лет назад, на соревнованиях по т/а практически все атлеты выполняли рывок в ножницы. Лично я эту эпоху не застал 🤷🏼‍♂️, но решил проверить свой потенциал. Считаю что с первого раза получилось очень хорошо, вот и предлагаю попробовать вам. Записывайте видео вашего SplitSnatch и заливайте в Инстаграм с хештегом #TorSplitSnatch @torokhtiy Из самых интересных я сделаю подборку и обубликую у себя на странице. Удачи!!!

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So far, over 100 athletes have taken the bait. Some of our personal favorites include @emerson_lpo_brasil who performed the lift in shades and a Men in Black inspired suit:

Torokhtiy himself reposted this one as well.

Instagram user @rocknrocks_alex tried the split snatch from a high hang position with success:

Representing the Master’s athletes, user @rogerioricardi got the lift done to Gangster’s Paradise – which by the way sounds really weird in slow motion:

Representing the Strongman athletes, user @strongman_archaeolgy performed a split snatch using a 12-inch diameter Strongman log:

Over in Germany, user @derdietrich92 took his split snatch outside:

And in the Netherlands, user @elsavries thought she’d just try the technique with an empty bar, but ended up finding a new favorite lift:

And, not to be outdone, user @scarecrowe1 performed a one-armed split snatch:

Photo from @torokhtiy Instagram





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