The Wodapalooza Online Qualifier is officially upon us! The online fitness challenge takes place through November with options to compete as an individual or on a team of three (or both). If you’re looking to compete at the Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival in January, you’ll have to qualify through this online challenge. Note that scaled individual and adaptive athletes who can register through open registration and some elite athletes who receive an invitation will not have to qualify through the online process.

The dates for the WZOC (Wodapalooza Online Qualifier) are as follows:

▪️Week 1: October 3rd-8th
▪️Week 2: October 10th-15th
▪️Week 3: October 12th-17th

▪️November 2nd-12th

Let’s get to it. Here are workouts 1-3 for week 1:

Workout 1
12 Minute Time Cap
150 Double Unders
60 Wallballs (20, 14lbs @ 10ft)
30 Chest-to-Bar
150 Double Unders

Scaled Variation
100 Unloaded Barbell Lateral Jump Overs
60 Wallballs (14, 10lbs) @10/9ft (9ft for all 13-15)
30 Jumping Chest to Bar
100 Unloaded Barbell Lateral Jump Overs

Workout 2-3
8 Minute Clock
Workout 2 / 0-3 Minute
Max Rep Clean & Jerk (165, 115lbs)

Transition / 3-5 Minute

Workout 3 / 5-8 Minute
1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk

For full division standards and workout descriptions go here.


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