Getting to Know Scott Panchik

CrossFit competitors are real people like you and me. They sweat, they feel the pain during a grueling workout, they occasionally like a slice of pizza. They are human, particularly two-time Games athlete Scott Panchik. “My favorite treat is pepperoni pizza. Hands down my favorite pizza place in the world is Valentino’s, this little hole … Read more

Developing Speed in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk

If you’ve ever watched online videos of experienced Oly lifters you may have been amazed at how fast and explosive many of them look. It’s impressive, it’s as if you blink you’ll miss something. From experience, I can tell you that top coaches will develop quickness in their lifters. That speed is something everyone should … Read more

First Take – American Weightlifting: The Documentary

The film profiles the current state of Olympic weightlifting in the US, with particular emphasis on the numerous challenges currently facing the sport in the country. Interviews with coaches and athletes throughout the documentary reveal just how obscure weightlifting is as a sport in the country, especially when compared with foreign nations that have far greater participation and funding.


If you’ve ever researched how to manage tight hips, help a lower back tweak, improve ankle stability or shoulder mobility, then you’ve more than likely heard of Kelly Starrett. Doctor of Physical Therapy, Starrett (or “K-Star” as he is affectionately called within the CrossFit community) is known as the mobility god in an otherwise tight … Read more