Predicting Workout 14.5 of the CrossFit Open

The final workout of the 2014 CrossFit Open is upon us—and in a big way! Tonight, at the Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco, 5 Games champions (Graham Holmberg, Jason Khalipa, Rich Froning, Annie Thorisdottir and Samantha Briggs) will go head to head on 14.5 immediately following the live announcement by Dave Castro. While a great … Read more

Are you overusing your Olympic Lifting gear?

Traditional power lifting (such as squats and deadlifts) and Olympic Weightlifting (snatch, cleans etc) movements are a staple of the CrossFit programming ideology. They are essential strength and power components that we constantly rely upon, in the gym and in everyday life. Moreover, they’re quite fun-who doesn’t love the feeling of PRing a major lift, … Read more

CrossFit Open 14.5—Champions Reunite

14.4 is history, and fittingly, the reigning fittest man and woman on earth earned the top scores. Samantha Briggs hit 256 reps, whilst Rich Froning managed an incredible 277 reps. But Briggs’ and Froning’s victories were appropriate for another reason as well. Ahead of the live announcement of 14.4 last week, the CrossFit Games site … Read more

14.4-Reactions and Recommendations

We knew it was going to be different. We knew it was going to be new. 14.4 doesn’t disappoint. On Thursday evening, CrossFit Bellevue played host to the live announcement of the fourth Open workout of 2014. The previous day, the CrossFit Games Instagram account had posted a video of Dave Castro being asked if … Read more

Tips to Avoid the CrossFit Burnout

So, how’s your posterior chain feeling after 14.3? A touch sore perhaps? Well, the fun is set to continue with last night’s announcement of 14.4! Social media was abuzz late Wednesday evening and through Thursday after the CrossFit Games Instagram account posted a video of Dave Castro launching a branch into a wood chipper. Well, … Read more

Predicting Open Workout 14.4

Three down, two to go. In just a few hours Dave Castro will announce Open workout 14.4 from CrossFit Bellevue in Washington. Following the announcement Josh Bridges and Scott Panchik will go head-to-head in the workout. So, what is Dave Castro likely to throw at us? First let’s look at what movements have already been … Read more