How much time should you take between sets? Understanding ATP

On heavy lifting days, it’s wise to take your time between each set. It’s not uncommon for coaches to have you pair up with a fellow athlete of similar size and strength to make the weight transitions easier. One person lifts, the other rests. Reverse and repeat as necessary. Most people will have an internal … Read more

14.3: An instant reaction and 5 helpful tips

Thursday night in the Big Easy, Dave Castro revealed the third Open workout of 2014, the likes of which we have not seen before. 14.3 is an eight-minute AMRAP of ascending deadlifts—both in reps and weight—and 15 box jumps.  The starting weights for men and women are 135lb and 95lb respectively, and will get as … Read more

The design of the Open WODs: Find your limits, then go beyond them

“The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.”-Arthur C. Clarke  There was great excitement ahead of the 2014 CrossFit Games season and the announcement of 14.1. Early registration numbers for the Open indicated that this was going to be the biggest season yet in terms of participation. … Read more

Transgender Athlete Sues CrossFit For Not Allowing Her to Compete With Women

What if there were no categories or divisions in sports? What if men and women competed against each other? 20-somethings against 40-somethings? Heck, 12 year olds competed with 80 year olds. It’s widely acknowledged that men, usually between ages 20-30, dominate most sports. Look at the results of the last few CrossFit Games and you’ll … Read more

How CrossFit (and the Open) Connects Us All

CrossFit is unique and wonderful in many ways, and often times the personal experience that each one of us has with the sport is a distinctive story that is exclusive to the athlete. We all have our own relationship with CrossFit, but the way Gregg Glassman designed the programming of CrossFit allowed for all of … Read more

Jenn Jones: Claiming her spot as one of the fittest women in the world

With just under 3.5 billion females on the planet, being able to claim you are the 6th fittest woman in the world is certainly something to be acknowledged. Once you stack on intellect, poise and good looks, a simple “acknowledgment” seems a bit short-changed. However, anyone who knows Jenn Jones understands that boasting just isn’t … Read more