The Growth of the CrossFit Open

This past week the CrossFit Games season officially began with the announcement of 14.1 last Thursday (a 10-minute AMRAP of 30 double-unders and 15 power snatches), a repeat of the first-ever Open workout from 2011 (11.1). Whilst it was interesting to see how Games athletes had improved on their scores from 11.1, what is perhaps … Read more

Fear is in the Mind: 7 tips to overcome fear at the box

As a CrossFitter, there are many things you may fear: poor results, failing a lift, letting your coach down, or embarrassment. You may be afraid of pain, discomfort or challenge. These fears could prevent you from being your absolute best. Fear keeps athletes from pushing their limits and hitting their goals. At some point you’ll … Read more

A Call to Celebrate National Women’s Month

Standing in the grocery store recently, I couldn’t help but notice the magazines and tabloids on display in the checkout line. With springtime and summer finally approaching, the latest claims on the covers read: ‘Build Your Hottest Body Ever’, ‘Steal Her Bod & Beauty Tips,’ ‘The Top 5 Workouts to Burn Crazy Amounts of Calories’ … Read more