Music & CrossFit (Additional Authors)

Jona Harder, BSc Jona is a CrossFit Level I certified occupational sport science student with a passion for all kinds of sports.  Paragliding, martial arts and CrossFit round up his day after working in medical training therapy. Lars Donath, PhD Lars is a post-doctoral researcher in exercise and movement science at the Department of Sport, … Read more

Doing CrossFit on the Road

With the first slate of Regionals is set to begin on May 9th, CrossFitters will soon be travelling around the country to compete against and support their fellow athletes. If you plan on travelling to see the Regionals—good for you! I’m sure you’ll be wanting to drop-in at a local box while on the road. … Read more

A Preview of our April/May 2014 Issue Featuring Stacie Tovar

COACH’S CORNER Q & A with Ben Bergeron KENNETH LEVERICH Why the 2x Games competitor is a real threat in 2014 IMPROVING YOUR ROWING TECHNIQUE How to conserve energy and improve your stroke 10 TIPS FOR THE FEMALE CROSSFITTER GETTING UNDER THE BAR Why ‘dropping under’ will produce better lifts STACIE TOVAR 1 on 1 … Read more

Should you incorporate swimming in your CrossFit programming?

CrossFit is about ‘constantly varied, functional movements.’ Every day you step into the box, you know you’re going to see a new WOD. That’s a huge part of the appeal of CrossFit, and how we develop as well-rounded athletes—always ready for the unknown and unknowable. But there seems to be one exercise in CrossFit—the CrossFit … Read more

5 Tips to Get Your Friends to Try CrossFit

Our friends who aren’t involved in the world of boxes and barbells like to say that we’re all in some sort of cult—which we vehemently deny, naturally. But the truth is, we are in some sort of cult, aren’t we? Ok, we’re not sacrificing goats to Zeus or anything like that, but we do dress … Read more