4 Tips to Improve Your Rowing Technique

Let’s be honest. Rowing is a serious component of CrossFit that should be afforded the respect it deserves through regular practice and study. Of course, this is far easier said than done. Perhaps you feel as if you’ve wasted gargantuan amounts of energy only to get minimal returns. You’ve sought out the most efficient way … Read more

Courage, CrossFit and a Bilateral Mastectomy

Over the course of her life, every woman has a one in eight chance of developing breast cancer and/or ovarian cancer. When facing surgery to reduce the chances of contracting the disease, how does one prepare, both mentally and physically? Beth Adamson tells us her story, which she hopes will create awareness of the BRAC … Read more

Time Caps: Friend or Foe?

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. There’s something strangely captivating about a clock winding down. It can signal the start of a new year, the first day of the Olympics, the timer on a nuke that needs to be diffused in a movie (Armageddon, anyone?) or the amount of time that’s left before the WOD is done. … Read more

The CrossFit Couple: Good Mojo or Bad Juju?

I would guess that most of you have seen the now popular overhead squat kiss: two, perfectly stable people, in the overhead squat position getting their smooch on for the iconic “I’m in love with a CrossFitter” commemoration. It’s a rather nifty idea…especially if you want an excuse to WOD, update your profile pic, and … Read more

RX or Scaled: How Do I Decide?

For the high-level CrossFit athlete, RX’ing a WOD is usually a foregone conclusion. Conversely, a CrossFit newbie will scale a workout down to ensure that they can actually perform the movements and do the work. But what about the athlete ‘in the middle’? The individual who has a good chunk of CrossFit experience under their … Read more