3 Reasons to Stop Setting so Many Goals

We all have goals. Let me rephrase that. We all need goals. Goals are what get us out of bed in the morning on the days we just want to sleep in. They give us hope, they keep us going—they provide us with purpose. Be it in CrossFit, your career or your personal life, clearly … Read more

The Benefits of Battling Ropes

You may be surprised to learn that the rope is used for much more than climbing and pulling, as is commonly seen in CrossFit. In fact, there is a specific type of rope that has been developed to enhance an athlete’s grip, strength, and overall levels of work capacity. It’s known as the battle rope. … Read more

CrossFit and the Entrepreneur: A Perfect Match

It may not come as a surprise to learn that CrossFit is particularly popular among entrepreneurs; perhaps this helps to explain the rapid growth of the CrossFit affiliate model (every box owner qualifies as an entrepreneur, after all) and the number of businesses started by CrossFitters for CrossFitters. Entrepreneurs are, by design, pretty intense individuals. … Read more

Natalie McLain: A CrossFitter like No Other

She’s summited more than a half-dozen “14ers” (mountain peaks that exceed 14k feet in elevation). She helped advance the United States Geological Survey (USGS) science organization. She’s a trusted gymnastics coach; though she’s never been in gymnastics. She has worked as a licensed welder and sawyer. She’s been a competitive motocross racer. Her Fran time … Read more

The NPGL is Officially Underway; Our Thoughts on the Inaugural Match

On Tuesday night the Los Angeles Reign took on the New York Rhinos in the very first game of the National Pro Grid League (briefly known as the National Pro Fitness League). The world famous Madison Square Garden (MSG) hosted this historic event, in which the Rhinos and Reign battled it out over the course … Read more