Giveaway! Win Crossover Symmetry’s H.I.I.T. SOLO Packagae

The secret to healthier, stronger shoulders! H.I.I.T SOLO package is designed for individuals to enhance shoulder health and performance. Whether your goals are to set overhead PR’s or just looking for relief from pain, the H.I.I.T system can help. The H.I.I.T SOLO package features four easy-to-follow protocols for shoulder activation, recovery and plyometric training and  … Read more

7 Interesting Facts From the Atlantic & South Regionals You May Have Missed

In case you’ve been living under a stack of bumper plates, the 2015 CrossFit Regionals kicked off this past week with the Atlantic and South competitions. While much of the attention was (rightly) placed on the workouts and athletes that qualified for the Games, there were some interesting stories that developed over the weekend that … Read more

The Effects of Smoking on CrossFit

There was a time when smoking used to be thought of as a ‘cool’ thing. Doctors would even recommend it as a means of calming anxiety and stress. Thankfully, modern medicine caught up with the times, and now smoking cartons carry the ominous message: “Smoking Kills” So, while we all know that smoking is incredibly … Read more