Your Snatch to Clean & Jerk Ratio: Are Your Numbers Off?

Generally speaking, you should be able to clean and jerk more than you can snatch. This is because the snatch is a far more complex lift than the CJ, and you can front squat more than you overhead squat (or at least you should be able to. If it’s the other way around, you have … Read more

Six Days of Thanks and GIVING with HumanX

HumanX is partnering up with BoxLife Magazine to celebrate Thanksgiving week by donating two prize packages, one to our lucky social winner and the other to CrossFit Walter Reed. Win one, give one! Enter below to win and be a part of something great!” One lucky winner will be selected on Monday, November 30th and notified … Read more

How Flexibility Affects Strength (& Vice Versa)

The term ‘muscle-bound’ has long been associated with athletes and individuals that have developed large muscle mass through strength training, but in so doing have significantly reduced their ability to move freely through a full range of motion. This is certainly the case for many people in sports and fitness, and yet, we need only … Read more

5 Signs of a Smart Athlete

Do you do your research? Regardless of where you are in your CrossFit journey, a smart athlete recognizes there is always room for improvement and learning. True, much of your overall development falls on the work you put in at the box, but the opportunity for learning techniques and practices that can make you a … Read more

The Jerk: Close Grip vs. Wide Grip

I’d wager that when it comes to the split and push jerk, most CrossFitters employ a close-grip (shoulder width) position. That’s what they were taught in foundations, so that’s what they continue to use in workouts. But just as you should experiment with different squat widths to determine your ideal squat stance, there’s no governing … Read more