The 4 People You Need to Succeed in CrossFit

CrossFit, for the most part, is an individual sport. Yes, you might have the occasional partner workout, and your gym might give you the option to compete on a team, but by and large you complete daily workouts as an individual, and your progress in CrossFit rests squarely on your shoulders. Or so it would … Read more

New First Responder Categories Added to the CrossFit Open Leaderboard

Last year, in advance of the 2015 Open, CrossFit HQ announced the inclusion of new Scaled and Teen divisions for the competition. These new divisions, alongside the existing Master and Individual groupings, made the Open more accessible to CrossFitters than ever before. This year, CrossFit HQ has added four new categories to the leaderboard to … Read more

BoxLife Workout: 1/27/2016

Today’s workout has two parts; The first part is absolute torture (learn about the benefits of EMOMs). The second part is a typical CrossFit triplet—Open prep anyone? Part 1 Thruster EMOM (95/65)* Min 1: 21 thrusters Min 2: 15 thrusters Min 3: 9 thrusters Min 4: rest 1min Repeat x 2 (3x if you’re up for … Read more

Enter to Win One of Three Flex Timers

This contest is now closed. This is absolutely the best timer you could have at your gym! The GymNext Flex Timer is the wall mounted interval timer controlled by an app on your phone, tablet or smartwatch. Stop being hampered by the lack of interval options your clock can support. The Flex Timer has 5 … Read more

BoxLife Workout 1/26/2016

Today’s workout tests your ability to move without a bar. It also exposes weaknesses in you game; Which of the four movements did you fail first? Trust us, it gets tough fast. See how long you can last! Min 1: 10 pull-ups Min 2: 10 handstand push-ups Min 3: 10 box jumps Min 4: 10 … Read more