Highlights From Dave Castro’s Q&A on Reddit

Last week Director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro held an AMA (as me anything) on Reddit. This marks the second time he’s opened himself up to the CrossFit community in such a format; he did so for the first time in early 2015. During last week’s AMA, Castro was asked a wide range of … Read more

The Bulldog Scrubber: Prioritizing the Health and Happiness of Members

If your members have ever thought about leaving your box due to its cleanliness—or lack there of—you are not alone. Responsible gym owners work hard to keep their facility clean for members, but many have found keeping mats consistently free from chalk and other residues is extremely time consuming and difficult. Affiliates across the country … Read more

Free Preview: Inside the Sara Sigmundsdottir Issue

Here’s a free preview of our latest issue featuring the one and only Sara Sigmundsdottir. Also inside: Masters champ Ron Ortiz, 5 simple ways to improve the quality of your workouts, a 4:1 post workout drink to boost your recovery, and much more! #livetheboxlife To subscribe: https://goo.gl/21HtDX Subscribe Here!

Overcoming 6 Common Obstacles in the Way of Your Fitness Goals

Life happens. As such, there is always some obstacle standing between you and your goals. Being aware of common obstacles puts you in a place of power. You can anticipate the obstacles and do something about them, or, in the best case scenario, set yourself up to prevent them altogether. 1. Forgetting to set a … Read more

Can You Finish This Interval WOD Under the Ten Minute Cap?

You’re going to have to get anaerobic pretty quickly if you want to finish this workout under the ten minute time cap. If you’re up for a challenge, here you go: 50 wall balls (20/14) -rest 1.5m- 40 kb swings (70/55) -rest 1.5m- 30 chest-to-bar pull-ups -rest 1.5m- 20 strict handstand push-ups 10-Minute Time Cap … Read more

6 Tips to Develop the Overhead Squat

The overhead squat (OH squat) is, for many CrossFitters—one of the most vexing movements in the CrossFit repertoire. It exposes weaknesses in flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination. For these reasons (and many more) athletes will avoid putting in the countless hours needed to develop the tools required for a strong OH squat. Many an athlete … Read more