CrossFit Hipster Flow: 4 Hip Opening Poses

After a grueling workout the last thing you might want to do is take a few minutes to stretch. If your usual go-to for recovery is the foam roller, try adding these moves (before or after a workout) for additional hip mobility. Opening your hips can help improve recovery by providing circulation in your legs … Read more

Making Gainz With Tempo Training

Quality programming incorporates various training methods to maximize the way athletes get faster, stronger and fitter. One way to add variety into your training is tempo training, a form of training that focuses on the speed of a lift. When it comes to weightlifting, tempo training has long been used by Australian strength coach Ian … Read more

Benefits of a Big Breakfast

As a breakfast aficionado, I fully embrace the well-known phrase, “Eat breakfast like a king,  lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” While I enjoy breakfast because it’s my favorite meal of the day and I can shovel bacon into my face nonstop, it turns out there is research out there suggesting that … Read more

3 Common Snatch Mistakes & How to Correct Them

As complicated as Olympic weightlifting movements may seem, they really are simple. Some athletes might disagree when I say that the snatch is easier to learn than the clean and jerk. Why? Because they don’t feel a sense of control with their center of gravity. Remember, an object’s center of gravity isn’t the ‘center’ of … Read more