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August 13, 2019

First 2020 CrossFit Games Changes Announced

Written by Damect Dominguez

Though many are still dissecting what we witnessed in a very transitional year at the 2019 CrossFit Games, we did get some breaking news and a glimpse into what we can expect at next year’s big event.

Armen Hammer, a popular CrossFit commentator on YouTube, heard it directly from Greg Glassman himself. The change announced involves the first cut of the 2020 CrossFit Games. If you’ve forgotten what took place in Madison just a couple weeks back, a hefty cut occurred right after event one, eliminating half the field, and leaving many to wonder if one workout was enough to test athletes in a well-rounded and fair manner. At the very least, many questioned whether it was right to have athlete fly halfway across the world to perform just one workout.

For next year’s Games, CrossFit has chosen to move the first cut after a day and a half of competition. Armen Hammer went on to say that athletes will be given three “classic CrossFit workouts that will be done for one cumulative time.” That’s probably relieving to hear after what we saw just a few weeks back.

There hasn’t been further information given in terms of how many athletes will get cut or how frequent cuts will occur throughout the Games, but we at least know that athletes have a bit more time to display their skills and fitness. Competitors that travel across the world for this event can rest assured that their time and money will at least guarantee them three workouts in Madison, WI.

Armen Hammer went on to explain that this isn’t the first time the CrossFit Games has seen this method of competition. In 2008, athletes were tested using the same concept, “every second counts,” collecting cumulative times with very traditional CrossFit workouts.

This simple change has the ability to impact the entire trajectory of the Games, potentially allowing for the field to be cut to ten Saturday night. Small, yet weighty changes like this one are refreshing to see after the uproar that took place with both athletes and fans when the top ten was established early Saturday morning, something we’ve never seen before.

Although the Games ended just two weeks prior to this announcement, excitement is already felt for next year. Classic CrossFit workouts and an “every second counts” concept are music to the ears with the 2019 Games in our rearview.

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