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June 25, 2013

5 Ways to Train Your Brain

Written by Damect Dominguez

The importance of the mental component of training is obvious. Pushing yourself past your mental barriers is not easy. Learning to overcome those barriers is crucial in the development of your training. Here are five tips to optimize your training by ensuring that you are aligning your physical training with mental training.


You may have heard people say, “You’ve got to get your mind right before you train.” This is so true. Preparing your mind-set before you train is vital. If you are unfocused and have not shifted your thoughts from the “to-do list” at home or work, you will not be able to give your workout your full energy. When you train, focus on what you’re there to accomplish!


It’s easy to be negative when you miss a rep or when faced with a WOD that’s not suited to your strengths. However, your overall attitude has a profound effect on your performance. If you think and stay positive throughout a WOD, you’ll maintain the drive and composure, allowing you to perform efficiently. Don’t swear or say negative things to yourself. Keep it positive!


It’s important to record more than just your PRs when you keep a workout log. It’s critical to remain aware of your personal successes during the workout. Maybe it’s feeling more fluid on your snatch or feeling like you were able to push yourself harder than the week before. Whatever it may be, it’s important to give yourself a “pat on the back” and appreciate all of your successes,both small and large, in order to maintain your focus and motivation.


After a workout, ask yourself, “How can I improve what I did today?” By identifying areas for improvement, you’re able to create a plan of action for improvement. By creating a plan with new goals in mind, you’re able to actively make adjustments to your training.


Why do you CrossFit? Answer this question and you’re on your way to understanding your purpose. Knowing why you CrossFit, will serve as a powerful tool. Understanding your purpose you will combat the lack of drive after a long day at work, for example. Whatever your reason is for pushing your body to its limits is ultimately your choice. Identifying this purpose will help you stay committed and consistent through the good, the bad and the ugly WODs!

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Co-founder of BoxLife Magazine. Author: Training Day: 400+ Workouts to Incorporate in Your Training.

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