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January 19, 2016

Rich Froning: The Trash Talking Champ

Written by Damect Dominguez

This past weekend, Team Athletigen (Mitch Barnard, Brent Fikowski & Albert Larouche) showcased their fitness at The Wodapalooza Fitness Festival by winning the Men’s Elite Team division. To the surprise of many, Team Freedom Men (Rich Froning, James Hobart & Matt Hewett) finished the weekend in fifth.

The next day the trash talking commenced. Via Instagram:

mitchbarnard: Thanks to everyone that helped us out this weekend —@athletigenofficial, @thedrij, @jaktrx,@redlinegr, @drivenperformancelabs,@anthayneshk, @coastalfitnesshk,@thewodapalooza and of course Sir Fatness himself @travismfwilliams. We won, it was sweet and everyone else sucks — especially @marcushendren. Also major key — wearing a toque to hide the terrible hairline. #1stplace#travissucks #theycame30th #whatisrichdoing #losing #stillbald #iamfat #goodpartners #iwastheanchor@fikowski @larouchadm

Later in the day @RichFroning responded: 

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 Good job @mitchbarnard I’ll trade you one of my regionals medals for that Wodapalooza medal… Naaahh who am I kidding

richfroning: @mitchbarnard but I do have one in a drawer somewhere I can find for you…

In the end, it seems as if most of it was in good fun:

mitchbarnard: @richfroning man you are the best. Glad you realized this was a joke. #beauty #thechamp

marcushendren: @mitchbarnard BAZINGA!

Picture via @mitchbarnard Instagram
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