“I don’t want to get injured.”

How many times have you heard this from skeptics? Let’s face it. Our sport has a reputation of being injury-prone. However, like any other sport there’s potential for injury. Crossfitters get injured due to lack of proper form and the fact that our WODs make us move our bodies in ways we usually don’t or haven’t moved them in years!

No Level 1 Certified Coach can forget the classroom lecture about rhabdomyolysis a condition caused by overexertion in a WOD, causing muscle fiber to break down and release into the bloodstream, poisoning the kidneys.

The question is how do you train around your injury or when your body is a little out of sorts?

1. Be realistic. Find the in-between of giving an injury the attention it needs, while at the same time not letting it take it over your daily routine. Don’t ignore your injury; otherwise you’ll extend your recovery time by who knows how long. But don’t dwell on it either, by missing out on opportunities to strengthen your non-injured parts.

2. Eating is power. Proper nutrition is key. Don’t underestimate the power of energy-healing, body reviving foods. A clean diet could expedite recovery as your body repairs itself.

3. Chill out. Tone it down. While scaling your WODs will help you, don’t hesitate taking some time off. Stop and smell the roses, stretch it out, life in the slow lane ain’t all that bad.

4. Focus on the CAN. So you can’t squat as deeply as you’d like or even run for that matter, but there are plenty of other things you can do. That’s the beauty of CrossFit—there’s variety and multiple movements that work every inch of your body.

5. Step up to the plate. You determine your outcome and your attitude. Take ownership of your recovery. Learn and study the anatomy and basic care for your injury. Gather research from others who’ve been through a similar experience. Log your progress, diet, and workouts, etc. You’re in the driver’s seat of your recovery. Be proactive in doing what you can—even if that simply means giving it time…make use of that time with other hobbies, activities, goals and pursuits you enjoy!

6. Stay plugged in to your community. So what if you can’t keep up yours WODs to 4-6 days a week. CrossFit is about community…both inside and outside the gym. Reach out to your fellow WODders. Hang out at the gym. Do your own scaled/modified workout then cheer on the others. Organize a social event for your box. The options are limitless! Don’t isolate yourself or throw a pity-party. You’ll be back in no time.

Lauryn Lax
Lauryn Lax, Level I Certified, is an Occupational Therapy Student and has a passion for writing and sharing ideas. She keeps a blog at livingfortoday365.blogspot.com and serves as a contributor for CrossFit HQ’s Media Team.


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