7 Reasons Your Gym Needs The Athletes App

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Damect Dominguez

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The Athlete’s App is one of the newest workout apps for gyms, coaches, and athletes. It’s one of the easiest apps on the market to use – allowing gym owners and virtual coaches to Post workouts, accept payments, chat with your team, & much more. Check out our top seven reasons to give The Athlete’s App a try:

1. To Build A Better Community

At the heart of The Athlete’s App is the ability for gyms to solidify their in-person or online fitness communities. One of the main draws of the app is its messaging feature. Not only do coaches have the ability to send mass messages to their gym members – notifying them of any last-minute changes or instructing them on a certain movement – but athletes can also interact with each other – talking about the day’s workout or getting answers to any questions they may have.

2. Easily Post Workouts

Let’s face it, as a gym owner, or someone building an online fitness community, you have a lot on your hands. Posting workouts on your website, on Facebook, or sending them through email just isn’t the move anymore. I’ve been using The Athlete’s App for over two months now and let me tell you, posting workouts couldn’t be easier. It’s as easy as typing (or pasting) the workout, adding some workout notes (you can even add a Youtube video), and selecting the type of score you want your athletes to add. Depending on the workout, you may want your athletes to write their score as weights, reps, time, or something else. 

3. Accept Payments

If you thought all gym training apps allowed you to accept payments from your athletes, you’d be wrong. Not only does The Athlete’s App allow you to accept payments, but it also allows you to get up and running within minutes of creating your account. Again, another place where they’ve focused on making things easy! The Athlete’s App integrates with Stripe to allow you to accept recurring or one-time payments, set up free trials, and much more. Best of all, you keep what you earn – the app never takes a portion of your sales! 

4. Create Unlimited Training Tracks

Most coaches offer their members multiple training tracks. With The Athlete’s App, you can create a track for your regular gym member and for those following a specialty or individualized program. You can create an unlimited number of tracks through the app. Each track has the option to be free, private (password protected), or paid. 

5. Modern, Easy-to-Use Front End Integration For Your Athletes

Through The Athlete’s App, your athletes can view workouts, post scores, and view a workout’s leaderboard. This is all done through one of the sleekest front-end designs of any workout app I’ve tested. The App is available for both iPhone and Android users. Additionally, new features and constantly being added for both athletes and gym owners to enjoy. 

6. Price Comparison

The price chart for The Athlete’s App is pretty simple. Up to three athletes are free. From 4-25 athletes, the price is $25/month. Anything over 25 athletes is $48/month. That means you can have over 300 athletes on the app and pay just $48 monthly. Comparable apps charge two to three times that amount!

7. Free Trial

The Athlete’s App offers a 30-day free trial. If you and your members like it, well, keep using it. If not, nothing’s lost! Visit theathletesapp.com to signup now.

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