CrossFit Trainer Fined For Talking About Nutrition

It’s undeniable that nutrition is one of the most important aspects of health and fitness. With so much contradicting information on what foods we should be putting into our bodies, many people often turn to the trainers and fitness experts they trust most. Affiliates and health coaches across the world have successfully lead weight loss … Read more

Product Spotlight: Nervacore by CEL Nutrition

Your brain is the headquarters of your body and your life. For such a small organ, it burns a lot of energy. As a result, our energy, focus and brain function can often lag at certain points of the day, impacting our athletic performance (the communication between your central nervous system and motor units in … Read more

Conquer Your Gut: Top 10 Workout Nutrition Do’s And Don’ts

Ahh – the gut. That pesky garden hose-esque tube that travels through your body and can make or break just about any big workout or competition, no matter what your fitness levels are. Many a physically superior human being has had a WOD derailed by excessive toilet time or a Dumb & Dumber style poo … Read more

The Paleo Diet, The Zone and Optimal Training Nutrition, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I laid out some foundations for choosing how to eat and how to approach your quest for better health and performance through diet. In Part 2 here, I’ll build on that foundation with specific steps and strategies so you can implement the theory from the previous article. In the … Read more

The Paleo Diet, The Zone and Optimal Training Nutrition, Part 1

Within the CrossFit community, there tend to be two predominant diets getting the majority of the press – Zone and Paleo. Of course, some athletes will use other strategies – and a few will use the “strategy” of no strategy at all – but Zone and Paleo are the two most everyone hears about sooner … Read more