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May 11, 2017

Is The Floor At Your Box As Clean As It Can Be?

Written by William Imbo

Is the floor at your box as clean as it can be? We sure hope it is, but truthfully, the answer is likely no. Meet the Bulldog Scrubber–the preferred method of cleaning gym floors for boxes across the country. With the Bulldog Scrubber, it is now possible for affiliates to remove sweat, chalk, and other stubborn residue left on mats quickly and more effectively. The Bulldog creates a superior level of clean: Bulldog Clean. The Bulldog Clean experience improves the cleanliness of your gym and gives members a more hygienic space to train, all while saving you time and money.

The Bulldog Scrubber is easy to use and effective, allowing gyms to clean their floors as frequently as they’d like. Cleanliness translate to a value-added benefit to members who are conscious of the sanitation of their affiliate. High-quality affiliates know the value of cleanliness. Even Greg Glassman once said that he evaluates the quality of an affiliate based on the cleanliness of its bathroom. The reason for this is simple: cleanliness reflects care and pride of ownership, and training on a fundamental level is all about a love for your clients rooted in a commitment to excellence.

Bulldog Clean is next level clean. The Bulldog Scrubber keepts clean and dirty water tanks completely separate, makeing it possible to continually scrub floors with a clean water solution. The dirty water and excess moisture are removed from the floors through the Bulldog’s unique squeegee and powerful vacuum system. This leaves gym floors and matting noticeably cleaner, unlike a traditional mop that often simply moves filth from place to place rather than removing it.

The Bulldog Scrubber gives affiliate owners a more convenient, more effective, and more enjoyable way to clean their floors. It is compact and cordless—ideal to maneuverer around gym equipment. The Bulldog Scrubber also offers an optional wand attachment for hard to reach areas. This feature makes cleaning around large, heavy equipment and between restroom and locker room partitions fast and easy. Speaking of design, the Bulldog Scrubber includes many operator-friendly features like clear lids to easily check water levels, simple tool-free maintenance, and it even has a cup holder for your mid-clean session protein shake. It seems the makers of the Bulldog Scrubbers have thought of everything a box owner may need. The Bulldog Scrubber is raising the standard of affiliate cleanliness, one box at a time.

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