a man training its 5000 m row time

5000m Row Time: What’s a Good Time to Aim For? 

A 5000m row is a great goal for beginners rowers to aim for. It’s not too far that you won’t be able to handle it, but not so short that it’s not a challenge. Keep in mind that while you might be able to stick to your pace for 1000m or 2000m, getting a 5000m … Read more

A people doing a 1000 m row time

1000m Row Time: What’s a Good Goal? 

The 1000-meter row event has become a popular distance thanks to its inclusion as a main event in the 2020 CrossFit Games. But it has some practical applications as well. If you know your 1000m row time, you can fairly accurately predict your time for longer distances. While it’s more of an art than a … Read more

Aviron vs Ergatta: Which Rowing Machine Is Best?

Trying to decide between Aviron vs Ergatta rowing machines? Both are top-quality machines that go beyond standard rowers, and either one would be an excellent choice. But while they serve the same purpose, the two are actually quite different in many ways!  Some of the differences could make or break your decision between the two. … Read more

a man rowing every day on his rowing machine

Rowing Everyday: Good or Bad Idea? 

Rowing is an excellent form of cardio and muscular exercise. But is rowing everyday a good idea or a bit too much?  If you’re entering a cut, or you want to build muscle while you’re doing cardio, rowing workouts are one of the best you can choose. But like with everything, overtraining is always a … Read more