Cycle: Strength + Base Endurance (Week 1)
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Every 2.5 Minutes for 5 Rounds
2 Mid Hang Clean Grip High Pulls
1 Mid Hang Muscle Clean
3 Strict Presses
3 Push Presses
Select weight by feel. Increase each round, if possible.

4 Sets
6-12 Barbell Bench Press
6-12 Weighted Chin-ups
Rest at least 1.5 minutes between sets.
Increase weight each round, if possible.

Row Intervals
Stroke Workout
8 Sets
1.5 Minutes On/2 Minutes Off
Damper on 2
The main focus of this workout is keeping a consistent and high stroke rate. Toward the end of each 1.5-minute set, it should be difficult to maintain the stroke rate. Next, be consistent with your pace – the exact pace does not matter though.


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