BoxLife Workout: 10/31/2016

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Damect Dominguez

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Today’s workout has three parts; 3 minute rest between each. Each subsequent part will have decreasing reps but increasing weight. This workout will test your efficiency with a bar, your muscular endurance and your ability to recover quickly. Try to do each part of this workout without dropping the bar (or dropping as little as possible). Scale as necessary.

Protect Your Hands w/ Wodies by JerkFit

Top times are in the 10min range.
Average times are in low 20s.

21 deadlifts
15 hang cleans
9 thrusters
6 step overhead lunges
10 over-the-bar burpees
bar weight: 115/80
rest 3min

15 deadlifts
9 hang cleans
6 thrusters
3 step overhead lunges
10 over-the-bar burpees
bar weight: 135/95
rest 3min

9 deadlifts
6 hang cleans
3 thrusters
10 over-the-bar burpees
bar weight: 155/105

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