Can Elivate Nutrition’s cAMP Supplement Help You Burn Fat & Increase Energy Levels?

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This week we’ll be reviewing Elivate Nutrition’s cAMP supplement. This supplement increases cAMP accumulation, helping to stimulate fat loss and promote lean body mass. cAMP is a derivative of ATP that acts as a second messenger in many biological processes. Simply stated, this supplement allows fat to be used as fuel without burning existing muscle mass—something any CrossFitter can tell you is essential. It is made from the coleus forskohlii plant, which is compounded from the root Forskolin. The root activates cAMP and triggers the release of a thyroid hormone that helps ignite the calorie burning process, simultaneously raising energy levels and burning fat. The supplement is made with natural, clean ingredients and doesn’t have any GMOs.

The mechanism behind cAMP seemed promising enough that it was worth giving it a shot. I’m a CrossFit athlete with a pretty balanced and healthy lifestyle. I took one capsule in the morning and one capsule after my workout for two months. The results were surprising. At the end of the two months I leaned out and looked significantly more toned. My weight stayed the same, but I felt lighter and stronger in workouts. I began to feel the difference after the first month, but the effects of the supplement were visible to most by the end of the second month. The greatest difference though was in my entergy levels. I was waking up less tired in the mornings, and felt overall rested when the time came to train. I even managed to reduce my pre-workout and caffeine intake significantly. As a student and athlete, a natural alternative to increasing energy levels is always welcomed. It’s important to note that this product is not like other fat burners supplements on the market. In the past, fat burners have made me feel jumpy during the day and anxious during workouts. Elivate’s cAMP supplement did not have those side effects.

If you’re looking to speed up fat loss, build lean muscle, and increase your energy levels, I highly recommend this product. There are no gimmicky ingredients or weird “blends”—it’s 100% natural so there’s nothing to lose! I’m a believer in this cAMP supplement and will continue to incorporate it into my daily routine.

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