Free Preview: Inside the Cole Sager Issue

He’s one of the fiercest, most humble competitors you’ll find at the CrossFit Games. In this issue, get to know the 6x CrossFit Games athlete, Cole Sager. Also in this issue: how to incorporate aspects of the bodybuilding world to help you reach your goals, correcting muscle imbalances, an analysis of the ‘new’ CrossFit Games, … Read more

Free Preview: Inside the Patrick Vellner Issue

He’s a 3x CrossFit Games podium finisher. This year, he’s got his eyes set on the sport’s top prize: being crowned Fittest Man on Earth. Get to know the 28-year old Canadian chiropractic student inside & outside the gym. Also in this issue: accessory exercises to improve the front squat, a 4-week plan to increase … Read more

Free Preview: Inside the Margaux Alvarez Issue

She’s a 6x CrossFit Games athlete, a CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff Trainer, a former member of Team USA at the CrossFit Invitational, and a small business owner and winemaker. Find out how Margaux Alvarez stays in shape and keeps it all together. Also in this issue: how to take care of and keep your hands from … Read more

Free Preview: Inside the Sam Dancer Issue

He’s a big dude with an even bigger personality. In this issue, get to know the one and only Sam Dancer. Also in this issue: tips for better dubs, 3 numbers that can dramatically improve your rowing, your guide to successful meal prepping, and much more!

Free Preview: Inside the Fearless Miranda Issue

The Fearless Miranda issue is here! Miranda talks about her journey through injuries, competition and now life as a new mom and her new online programming venture Street Parking for athletes who train at home. Also in this issue, how to overcome common training fears, correcting mistakes on the rower, tips to making nutrition habits stick, and … Read more