a woman performing Kettlebell Front Squat

Kettlebell Front Squat: Form, Variations and Benefits

The kettlebell front squat is a great exercise that works towards developing your legs, core muscles, lifting posture, reducing mechanical tension and improving your overall functional fitness. In this guide, we look at how the kettlebell front squat should be done, its benefits, what muscles it works and how you can incorporate it in your … Read more

Kettlebell push press: technique and variation guide

The kettlebell push press; a great exercise for building muscle, overhead strength and power! If you find yourself getting confused with the variations of an overhead press, fear not – I’m here to make it simple for you. Similar to the strict press, a push press begins with weight at the shoulders and finishes in … Read more

How Many Kettlebells Do I Need?

Are you looking to get a good workout with minimal equipment? If so, look no further than incorporating kettlebell exercises and moves into your daily workout. In this article, we’ll explore the perfect number you need to increase strength and agility. We’ll also cover exercises and moves you can use no matter your level of … Read more

A woman training with kettlebell for its nice benefits

The 12 best benefits of kettlebell training with exercises

For many at the gym, they see increasing numbers of fit people swinging kettlebells back and forth, pushing them overhead and squatting with them. Their reasons are sound. More people than ever are using kettlebells because of the incredible range of health and fitness benefits kettlebell training provides. From increasing full-body strength to burning fat … Read more