Product Review: The StrongerRx LT15 Forever Glove

If you’re looking for a way to keep your hands safe during a tough WOD, we think we’ve found the solution. StrongerRx has released the LT15 Forever Glove. They are literally the last pair of gloves you will ever have to purchase. The Forever Glove program allows athletes to replace their gloves whenever they get … Read more

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Have you spent too much time crushing WODs and not enough time getting your holiday shopping done? Whether you’re gearing up for Christmas, Hanukah or even Festivus, we’ve got you covered. Get your online shopping game on with these gift ideas for the athletes you hold near and dear to your heart.   Olympic Weightlifting: … Read more

Product Review: Gatorz Eyewear

A few weeks ago we received a pair of Gatorz sunglasses for a product review.  Since then, we’ve had the chance to put them through the ‘CrossFit’ experience—handstand push-ups, sprinting, jogging, you name it. Overall, these USA made sunglasses live up to their “there is no substitute” tag line. Fit This is just one place … Read more

PerformaSleep: Increase Performance with Better Sleep

Most of us are well aware of how demanding CrossFit workouts can be on our bodies. We chose this sport because we love it and in some form or another want to improve our performance and overall well-being. Yet, in achieving this higher sense of fitness and well-being, the truth is that as CrossFitters (and … Read more