Courage, CrossFit and a Bilateral Mastectomy

Over the course of her life, every woman has a one in eight chance of developing breast cancer and/or ovarian cancer. When facing surgery to reduce the chances of contracting the disease, how does one prepare, both mentally and physically? Beth Adamson tells us her story, which she hopes will create awareness of the BRAC … Read more

10 Tips for the Female CrossFitter

Over 10 million humans on our precious planet Earth now practice some form of CrossFit. Of those 10 million, the majority (an estimated 60%) are women. This article is geared specifically for them. Here are 10 tips that might make your experience inside the box a little bit smoother. 1. Check your pants. Those workout … Read more

Beauties & Beasts: Find the ‘beast’ within and discover real beauty

She’s a beast! Ever heard this phrase before? While the word “beast” is meant as a compliment within the CrossFit-arena for many (“she’s a beast!”= “she’s amazing”), it can be a scary word to those who hate the idea of muscular thighs or defined shoulders in a tank-top. Many women echo: I don’t want to … Read more

A Call to Celebrate National Women’s Month

Standing in the grocery store recently, I couldn’t help but notice the magazines and tabloids on display in the checkout line. With springtime and summer finally approaching, the latest claims on the covers read: ‘Build Your Hottest Body Ever’, ‘Steal Her Bod & Beauty Tips,’ ‘The Top 5 Workouts to Burn Crazy Amounts of Calories’ … Read more

Crossfit & Pregnancy: The Myths and the Facts

Whether you’re a man or a woman, certain thoughts might come to mind when you see a pregnant woman at the box. Is she being safe? Can she harm herself or the baby? We’ve enlisted the help of Kat Grosshaupt—CrossFit Coach, Birth Doula and HypnoBirthing instructor—to help us get the facts straight on prenatal fitness. … Read more

Andrea Ager: Getting to Know Ms. AgerBomb

She’s one of the sport’s best known and most admired athletes. Moving from Boulder, CO to California to immerse herself in CrossFit, Andrea Ager has accomplished that and much more. Having competed at the Games in 2011 as part of Team Brick CrossFit, she’s now committed to competing Individual in 2014. Ager was well on … Read more