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Enter to win training apparel from Clinch Gear. Prizes pictured above.

1 Male Winner will Win:
– Clinch Gear Crossover 3 Short
– Ultra Crew Tee

1 Female Winner will Win:
– Clinch Gear Cross Training Compression Micro Short
– Crush V-Neck Tee

About Clinch Gear
Clinch  (klinch)

While many people use the word ‘clinch’ in association with wrestling or mixed martial arts, it’s most common use is to describe the act of achieving your goals… to clinch a match, a title, a belt, a championship or a PR.

That is what Clinch Gear is all about: helping all athletes achieve their goals by providing them with the best training apparel, footwear and gear in the world. It’s a belief they hold firmly, take seriously and are committed to with every product they create.

Athletes across a variety of disciplines have discovered the benefits of using high-intensity training as their fitness foundation – and they’ve also discovered that there is one brand creating products to help them clinch their goals…and that brand is Clinch Gear.

To shop and learn more about Clinch Gear’s offerings including custom apparel visit

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