CrossFit Announces New Video Contest Aimed at Affiliate Owners

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Damect Dominguez

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CrossFit Inc has announced a new video contest that will be sure to intrigue affiliate owners worldwide—seeing as it’s directly targeted at them. Just take a look at the introductory teaser for the competition:

“Each day, they open the doors before the sun rises, give cues before being sufficiently caffeinated, and they lock up when many are preparing for bed. Most of their waking hours are spent here, driven by a higher sense of purpose. It’s not only about teaching the squat or coaching the clean. It’s about improving lives and making people better. They left other lives to spread the good word of a worldwide movement. How did they get here? Tell us.”

Now, the exact process of the competition is a little fuzzy, but after looking through the guidelines and rules, this much is clear:

  • Entrants must submit a video that highlights the story of why the box owner became an affiliate. There’s not much other information that CrossFit provides as to what needs to be in the video, other than “entries will be judged based on relevance to theme (40 percent), quality (30 percent), and creativity (30 percent).” The theme—we presume—is why the owner set up his or her affiliate.
  • The competition is open from 2014/11/19 through to 2015/1/15 (Thursday), 23:59:59 PST (Pacific Standard Time)
  • Grand Prize (one award): The winner will receive US$10,000 and featured affiliate’s dues are waived for one year. Notable Mentions (five awards): The winners’ featured affiliate’s dues are waived for one year.
  • The affiliate featured in the submission video “must be in good standing.” The standing of an affiliate may be verified by confirming the affiliate is listed on the Affiliate Finder Map at
  • The 10 entries with the highest score will advance to the final round of judging, whereby a panel of judges will judge each of the 10 entries to determine a Grand Prize winner. The five entries with the next-highest scores will be deemed Notable Mentions.

To enter the competition, log on to during the entry period, complete the registration form, upload and submit your video. To complete the registration form you’ll need to log in with your CrossFit I.D. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free at

It’s certainly great to see CrossFit announcing anothernew competition, especially one that will highlight some of the great affiliate stories in our community. Do you think your box is worthy of winning the affiliate contest? Get your coaches, fellow athletes and owner together and make a video proving why!

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For a complete list of rules, guidelines and/or to enter go to

Picture from the 2012 CrossFit Games

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