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September 17, 2015

CrossFit Team Series: Week 1 Recap

Written by Damect Dominguez

The first week of the 2015 CrossFit Team Series is complete. After four workouts, Team Reebok Classics—made up of three of the four athletes from 2014 Champions Team Reebok East—sit in 1st place with 7 points, 5 points ahead of Rogue Red in 2nd. Reebok Pump rounds out the top 3 with 20 points overall.

Team (Athletes) Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4
(7) Team Reebok Classics (Emily Bridgers, Ben Smith, Stacie Tovar, Paul Tremblay) 1st  (12:05) 2nd  (302) 1st  (7:21) 3rd  (811)
(12) Rogue Red (Dan Bailey, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Graham Holmberg, Annie Thorisdottir) 4th  (12:54) 1st  (311) 3rd  (7:41) 4th  (791)
(20) Reebok Pump (Kelley Jackson, Austin Malleolo, Jenn Smith, James Hobart) 5th  (12:55) 11th  (279) 2nd  (7:38) 2nd  (814)


Team Reebok Classics are without Scott Panchik, their teammate from last year, as he recovers from a surgery he underwent following the CrossFit Games to repair a ruptured plantar facia in his foot. They brought in 2014 Games and Canadian Invitational competitor Paul Tremblay to take his place, and the team hasn’t missed a step. Following the lead of 2015 Games champion Ben Smith, Reebok Classics secured two event wins (with their lowest finish of 3rd in Event 4), including a blistering time of 12:05 in Event 1 that grants them possession of 1st in the overall leaderboard—for now.

Not far behind Reebok Classics is Rogue Red, another super team made up of three former Games champions. The team accumulated 311 reps in Event 2 (the clean and jerk ladder

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with ascending weight), meaning that Holmberg and Bailey finished the round of 245lb clean and jerks, giving Bazinet and Thorisdottir enough time to contribute 11 reps at 165lbs.

In 3rd sits Reebok Pump, who had one ‘slip-up’ in event 2 but still earned three top-5 finishes (including back to back 2nd place finishes in events 3 and 4).

The other two teams that the community is keeping tabs on are Built By Bergeron (Michele Letendre, Katrin Davidsdottir, Cole Sager, Mat Fraser) and Rogue Fitness Black (Rich Froning, Margaux Alvarez, Josh Bridges, Sam Briggs). Somewhat surprisingly, the teams sit in 5th and 6th, with 25 and 33 points respectively. Built By Bergeron have earned two 5th-place finishes, while Rogue Fitness Black dropped points by finishing 20th in Event 1, but came back strong in Event 4 with 850 reps, good for the event victory. Sandwiched between Reebok Pump in 3rd and Built By Bergeron in 5th is Team Swagith Moondini (Alec Smith, Christen Wagner, Caroline Dardini, Cody Mooney) with 23 points. It’s important to remember that even though we’re at the halfway point in the competition, it’s still far too early to call a winner—especially given how close the teams are at the top of the leaderboard.

In the Masters division, Masters of LA (Tina Angelotti, Ron Matthews, Thomas Hyland, Trixie Arya) are currently enjoying a 12 point advantage over WorldCamp in 2nd. There’s a tight battle for 1st in the Teenage division between the Dream Team (Angelo Dicicco and Nicholas Paladino—the two champions of the Boys divisions at the CrossFit Games–Allison Weis, Ashleigh Wosny) and Three Kings Terminators (Christian McGill, Sydney Shopp, Garrett Clark, Brooke Caron), who are separated by only 5 points.

The Team Series continues in October, when CrossFit will release the final set of team workouts which will take place Oct. 6-12.

Photo from Team Reebok Classic Team Series Workout 3 Video Submission

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