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July 26, 2017

Dave Castro Releases 2017 CrossFit Games Chipper Workout

Written by William Imbo

This week Dave Castro took to Instagram to release another workout of 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games. Before the big reveal, he shared a series of photos and asked fans to guess the workout; The first person to correctly guess the workout would win an Assault Bike. Of the 5,500+ guesses, no one guessed the workout exactly, although one lucky follower got pretty close and in the process earned the bike.

Chipper Guess

So what’s the workout?

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Get BoxLife Magazine for as low as $9.99

For time:
100 pull ups
80 GHD sit ups
60 pistols
40 calorie row
20 dumbbell push press (100/70)

Give the workout a try sometime in the next few days and get a taste of what some of the fittest athletes in the world will be going through in Madison, WI in August.

Image from @thedavecastro Instagram page. 

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