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December 15, 2018

Dubai CrossFit Championship: Fraser Tops the Leaderboard Going Into Final Day

Written by William Imbo

Finally, Fraser caught a break: Day 3 of the Dubai CrossFit Championship kicked off with a one-rep max snatch event. The former Olympic weightlifter went to work, putting up 137 kg (302 lbs) and taking the event. And the next one. And a mere second place finish in Event 6. It’s safe to say things are looking back to normal for any CrossFit competition involving Fraser.

On the women’s side, Sam Briggs managed to hold on to her lead after taking 27th in the snatch event, one she may have been unsure of following surgery earlier this year on her elbow. Local Mia Akerlund took the event decidedly, putting up the heaviest recorded women’s snatch in a CrossFit competition at 104kg/228 lbs. Laura Horvath, second fittest woman on earth, had a roller coaster of a day, receiving a DNF on event 5 by failing to complete the deficit handstand push-up buy-in. She came back to win cardio-heavy event 6. We later found out that Horvath would withdraw before the final day due to a nagging back injury.

On the team side, things looked pretty individual as all athletes performed an individual one rep max snatch on Event 4, a single male athlete performed Event 5, and finally everyone came together for a relay on Event 6. If you thought Fraser’s snatch was impressive, he better be glad Tola Morakinyo was competing in the team competition with CrossFit Pro1. Morakinyo rocketed his team to first place in Event 4 with a massive 150kg/330lb snatch. He then turned around and won Event 5, which included a 280lb yoke carry, for his team. Despite these big wins, they were not enough to touch the podium spots.

The standings after Day 3:

1. Mat Fraser
2. Willy Georges
3. BK Gu∂mundsson

1. Samantha Briggs
2. Jamie Greene
3. Sara Sigmundsdottir

1. Invictus
2. Team Sweden
3. Team Omnicide

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