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November 30, 2020

Free Virtual Competition: 1 Workout, $5,000 Prize Purse

Written by William Imbo

If you’re feeling the itch to compete, Ten Thousand and WillyB CrossFit, are hosting a virtual fitness competition with a $5,000 purse—and it’s absolutely free to register. Athletes will be submitting a video of themselves doing a single workout programmed by WillyB’s founder, Jared Stein. As Stein mentions, “these WORK events are all about bringing people together. Whether that’s giving individuals a chance to virtually go head-to-head with their friends and fellow athletes or giving members of a gym a single goal to work towards as a team. That they can also win some serious cash and prizes in the process only sweetens the experience.”

This is the second virtual event hosted by New York based activewear label, Ten Thousand, and New York’s WillyB CrossFit. The first competition had 544 participants from over 20 countries, and six of the top ten finishers were CrossFit games athletes. One main difference with the December 16 competition is that this time around, there will also be a women’s workout, as well as a separate prize for the gym with the best combined score. The athletes with the best score will share a $5,000 purse from Ten Thousand, while the gym with the best combined score will win custom equipment from Samson Equipment.

Registration is open now, the workout goes live on December 7, and videos will need to be submitted by December 16. 

Oh, and if you’re looking for a hint as to what the workout will be, Ten Thousand describes it as, “a fun couplet of weightlifting and gymnastics. Bring your grips and an oxygen tank because this workout is going to be a short and sweet burner that is certainly going to give you that pump we always crave from a great workout.”

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William Imbo is an Associate Editor at BoxLife magazine, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and holds an MPS in Sports Industry Management from Georgetown University. He is an avid CrossFitter and loves film, music and travel, thanks to having grown up across Europe. A fan of the New Orleans Saints and Newcastle United, Will's favorite CrossFit girl is Helen-least favorite being Isabel.

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