Guerrero: CrossFit’s Documentary Starting the 6x World Champion Boxer

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June 14, 2014

Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero is a Professional American Boxer, a six-time world champion in four different weight divisions, and a man who went all 12 rounds with an undefeated legend of the sport, Floyd Mayweather. Major Brian Chontosh is a retired United States Marine, decorated war hero and one of the newest members of the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff.

In 2014, the two men would come together at the Ranch in Aromas, CA for four months of training that would introduce the Ghost to CrossFit for the first time, and in the process, make him a new athlete. Captured in CrossFit’s documentary, Guerrero, is the engaging relationship between a war hero and an elite sportsman that is brand new to CrossFit.

“The first day we had Tosh train him, the Ghost showed up 5 minutes late. So the first thing Tosh said was sprint up that hill.”
-Dave Castro

Guerrero provides a wonderful alternate viewpoint to a sport and training methodology that we in the community are comfortable and familiar with, and how a professional athlete and complete novice is broken down by CrossFit, in order to be built back up to become a better boxer.

Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc Youtube channel
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