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Dear readers and fellow CrossFitters-as many of you may have heard via social media, this past weekend, CrossFit Athlete Kevin Ogar suffered a major spinal injury during the snatch event at the 2014 OC Throwdown. Kevin reportedly suffered a separated T11/12 and has severed his spinal cord. At this point in time, he does not have voluntary movement below his waist, and will undergo his second surgery in the space of 48 hours today.

Kevin is a remarkable athlete, a former collegiate Rugby standout and a well-liked and respected man. Unfortunately, like so many others in our sport, Kevin is uninsured. Needless to say, he faces a long, arduous path to recovery, which will take time and resources.  The beauty of CrossFit has always been the incredible community that supports one another, and now is the time to show that incredible support again. There is a recovery fund for Kevin that you can find here:

There are currently 1,709 supporters who have raised a total of $98, 235. Let’ us prove again why CrossFit is so much more than a sport, and rally behind Kevin and his family as he begins his fight to recovery.

Picture taken from Kevin Ogar’s Facebook page.

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  1. Kevin, you are determined and strong and have the support of so moby crossfit athletes. wishing you a speedy recovery. stay strong.


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