Olympian Holley Mangold Visits the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games

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Damect Dominguez

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She’s a girly girl who played high school football and attended college on a track scholarship. Now she’s one of three Weightlifting Olympians representing TEAM USA in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Having started lifting four years ago, with heavy training just two years ago, it was a surprise even for Holley to have qualified for the London Games. “It’s been crazy but I’m excited for London, excited to lift and help grow our sport.”

Known for her great personality and self-confidence, we met Holley at the 2012 CF Games, where she wowed a crowd with her Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Although this was Holley’s first time at the Games, it was not her first encounter with CrossFit. “I did CrossFit about two years ago to lose some weight and I’ve taught Olympic Weightlifting clinics to CrossFitters for two to three years now, so I’m familiar with it and love it.” Mangold is part of the Ohio-based Columbus Weightlifting Club, which provides coaching, training and other benefits to eligible athletes.

Holley’s philosophy on training consists of having fun, which she admits is what drew her to CrossFit. “It was like being a kid in the playground,” she says. “When I retire from weightlifting, CrossFit is definitely the sport for me.”

She appreciates what our sport has done for weightlifting. “CrossFitters appreciate my sport mostly because they’ve done the lifts. They know how hard it is.” Mangold is ultra-competitive and knows competition day means business. She urges athletes to take lifting clinics to improve their technique. “CrossFit has some great athletes. If they just changed a few things, they’d be that much better.” One of Holley’s coaches and friend Drew Dillon agrees. “One difference between Holley and other athletes is that she won’t hold on to one way as the only way. She’s open to trying new techniques and sticking to what works. That’s an important quality for any athlete.”

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