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August 15, 2013


Written by Damect Dominguez

During the 2013 Post Games Press Conference, Jason Khalipa shared how CrossFit Games programming helps athletes accomplish the unthinkable. 

“Last year at Regionals, we were asked to do one-arm snatches with a 100lb dumbbell. I saw it on paper and thought, “That looks really heavy.” So I bought a 100lb dumbbell and brought it to the gym. I was with my training partner, Neal Maddox, and I just looked at it. I tried to pick it up…I couldn’t pick it up. I just thought, “WTF. This is not going to be possible.” After we fiddled around with it, I was finally able to do the workout in not a very good time. Then, it just so happens, at the Regionals, I was able to do the whole thing, unbroken for 4 rounds, like nothing. And that’s what really enlightened me. If they hadn’t put that workout out there, I would have never known I could throw 100lbs over my head like a joke—but I was so intimidated by it before going into it, that I didn’t think it was possible.”

-Jason Khalipa


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