Katrin Davidsdottir Celebrates Her Body in ESPN’s Body Issue

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Two-time CrossFit Games winner, Katrin Davidsdottir is a continual icon in the sport of CrossFit and has further proven it after being featured in the 2019 Body Issue of ESPN, The Magazine.

The Body Issue has been an ongoing feature since 2009, stirring up large amounts of both controversy and awe as it highlights and celebrates the nude bodies of big-name athletes. In its ten years, the issue has featured athletes like Michael Phelps, Odell Beckham Jr., and Miesha Tate. And demonstrating just how large the sport of CrossFit has gotten, the Icelandic warrior and CrossFit powerhouse Katrin Davidsdottir, will make her appearance in the issue.

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Davidsdottir, who recently released a book sharing the journey to becoming a two-time Games champion, has no doubt paved the way for CrossFit’s effectiveness to be highlighted worldwide. Over the years, the sport has become more mainstream with the help of athletes like Katrin who inspire and feature the sport in a big way. For many, seeing her chiseled body and big smile in this much anticipate Body issue will be their first taste of the sport, something CrossFit can be proud of.

The Body Issue has focused on depicting the different body types that athletes take on to become the best in their sport, and this year was no different. After the release of her feature, Davidsdottir shared, “Being a gymnast, I always wanted to be smaller, skinnier, weigh less, and even today, I can still catch myself wanting my body to be different than how it is. But through the years, and especially with CrossFit, I have learned to love my body and appreciate it for what it can do for me. I put it through so much, and the way I look is the result of the hard work and dedication I have put in for so many years. I am so PROUD of what I have accomplished with this body.”

Davidsdottir admits that she, like many, faces insecurity despite being one of the greatest physical specimens in the world. Her story will no doubt benefit the CrossFit community in spreading the word on what this sport can do in terms of boosting one’s belief in themselves. Further, this year’s feature will be the last printed edition, after ESPN recently announced that they’re moving the majority of their content to digital format only. And though controversial at first glance, Davidsdottir’s feature will no doubt leave the public curious about CrossFit and its incredibly valuable method of fitness and health.

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