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September 28, 2022

Dave Durante’s handstand drill:

Former US National champion and gymnastics coach Durante demonstrates a great positional drill to build up your handstands called box/wall body tighteners (horizontal & vertical).

A video posted by David Durante (@davedurante) on

Wheelchair toes-to-bar:

Adaptive athlete, powerlifter and member of Team Some Assembly Required Zack Ruhl has a great sense of humor: “Don’t have toes so I’ll settle for Chair to bars”

A video posted by Zack Ruhl (@pitbullruhl) on

Lauren Fisher practicing on the TrueForm Runner:

Curious to see what the TrueForm Runner will look and sound like at the Regionals? Check out Lauren Fisher and Kristin Holte putting in work on the machines.

Sam Briggs does Tommy V:

Watch Sam Briggs prepare for the 2015 Regionals by tackling Tommy V—in a weight vest.

Gustavo Marquez performs Event 3 from 2015 Regionals:

Marquez is an adaptive athlete and good friend to the NorCal Crew—hence why the video is on Mirando Oldroyd’s account. Get fired up by watching Marquez perform a modified version of Event 3, which he performed as For Time:
1000 m ski erg
50 behind the neck press 85#
100 sit-ups
150 battle ropes
50 high pulls 85#
100 plyo push-ups
Finishing Time: 24:44

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