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April 27, 2015

Last Week’s Videos of the Week

Written by Damect Dominguez

The Story of the Open

Watch CrossFit HQ’s recap of the 2015 Open, featuring insights from Dave Castro, Mat Fraser and Rory McKernan.

Froning, Fraser, 15.5

Two separate camera crews follow the top two finishers of the Open as they struggle through 15.5, then try to figure out who had the better time.

Sam Briggs Rope Muscle-Up



Briggs isn’t the first athlete to mess around with a rope muscle-up, but judging how difficult it looked for 2013’s Fittest Woman, Dave Castro might be inspired to include them at the Games this summer.

CrossFit Video Contest: SUBU CrossFit

The winning entry from the 2015 CrossFit Video Contest, where affiliates produce videos chronicling the story of how their box came to be.

The Masters

A wonderful recap of the Masters competition at the 2014 Games. Listen to what the competitors have to say about the event, competing as they age and how CrossFit continues to help their overall fitness.

Should Rich get an Invite?

Dave Castro poses ‘the question of the year’ to Dan Bailey and Sevan Matossian (Documentary producer that works for CrossFit HQ)

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